Holidays and Gifts

Holidays On9

The Holidays are upon us! That means shine and glitter -- soft satin and of course gifts.  Whether you are decorating your home or looking for your next great holiday outfit, there is plenty to see and explore.

From ChiC buildings at On9:

[Cb] Wallflower Holiday Tree
[Cb] Holiday Shelf with Stars
[Cb] Triangle Trees Trio

at 2016 Winter Showcase:

[Cb] Boxes and Ornaments

Also at On9:

(AnaMarkova) Marlena Jacket Pure (other faux furs available)

And my fits like a glove top and pants are from JF Design. Find the Alvina collection at COSMOPOLITAN.  (Maitreya and Belleza fits - many colors)

There are several venues that have gift giving as part of their December event and one opens today.  Join the On9 Fan Club group and pick up presents from the gold stars at each of the booths. 

You can of course shop also!

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Advent Report Day 9

It's a good day on the Advent trail. Meanwhile my Advent List post was mightily corrupted the other day. After more than an hour I got it mostly fixed, but trepidation ensues when I think of typing into that same file.  So here's the scoop on Day 9.  Check the list for the SLURLs if you don't already have your favorites landmarked.

Cutest little tree from Snowpaws!   Gotta make you smile.

And a very nice dress from Entice (free group) (standard sizing).

A super cute holiday jacket is out at go!  (pay group) and some candycane stripe sunglasses can be found at Prism (free group)

Over on the boy's side of go! you can find this great warm duffle coat. Sami is wearing the small size which fits quite well as long as you don't mind being a little flat chested. Really though, it IS a heavy coat:D.

There is also a very nice super low land impact couch and chair at Kittycats. It is sized for large avatars and no mod.

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Getting Homey

The holidays are frequently  a time for sprucing up. That often means buying a few new decor pieces to brighten our abodes. It can also lead to a search for presents to get for OURSELVES. You remember "ourselves" don't you?  Sometimes we can forget that part of the relationship equation. We need to pay attention to our needs too.

There are plenty of great items to enhance our homes and bodies this holiday season. Here are a few of my picks.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday (that means get there today) wreaths from {what next} These come as traditional wreaths or as framed versions and there are two styles to chose from. WITHIN the packs there is a color change hud for various wtyles within styles . So LOTS of choices!

Over at Cosmopolitan, we have some creative shabby chic dressers by Zen Creations. Add a little bit of color to that WHITE gals (what can I say, I like color!).

These Grand Holiday - Tealights, Light are part of a big homey holiday set by Newchurch (the vase with branches is also part of that gacha). Find it at On9 which opens at noon.

I have to smile at these boots. They seem to be looking for their identity and I can definitely relate from time to time. Lovely textures they come with a big, easy to use hud for color changing of leathers and laces on the fatpack. The Italiano Boots Omega come for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and TMP.  Don't be confused by the name. I don't have an Omega relay and the texture change worked just fine on Maitreya.

Find them at the ITALIANO booth at Cosmopolitan.

My sweater set is from ArisAris and was featured yesterday. One more color combo to choose from.

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