The Spice Trail

It is getting pretty spicy over at Uber; exotics abound and some pretty cool stuff for the guys too. This Dhriti turban from BAIASTICE is definitely one of my favorite releases in awhile. 

Patterns are in evidence in many of the releases including this Lotus spa tent from Cheeky Pea. There is a neutral white as well as a brown print choice for the interior.

The tent itself is very detailed -- even tent pegs to hold it down in harsh winds -- and intimate. Furniture as well as a round tub with shower come in both PG and A versions. 

While setting this up on its sandy spot I couldn't help thinking of that line, "take me to your tent" from a movie way before my time (looking it up) The Sheik - a silent film.

Poses by: Vista Animations

FLF - Lazy Summer

It's FRIDAY!   And that means lots of great items are out at bargain prices for Fifty Linden Friday.

If you are planning on a  fun but lazy summer, then the {what next} Provence and Valencia deck chairs are just what you need.

* texture-changing - 3 frame options and 12 covers both prints and plains

* 15 animations with self-rezzing props

* 2 land impact

How can you go wrong? (Yep, that was rhetorical *wink*.)

Fission - Shea - WGF

This has been an exceptional World Goth Fair and here is another release that show just how good it is!  From Fission, Shea in gray (other more colorful versions are available).  Tons of details and an outstanding price, if this is your style you REALLY want to get one or two. Both standard sizing and fitmesh versions available.

Hair: MINA Hair - Elvire   (new)

Poses by: Helamiyo OMG Shoes for Sneak Peak.