From !dM deviousMind for the EPIPHANY this October --- "Succubus".

Tons of colors to choose from and some eye-catching thigh high boots.

The tail and wings are pretty darn spectacular with seductive movement!

Lara and Hourgalss fits.

Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random color, "Succubus" consists of 2 sets [set A: top & collar, set B: thigh boots] in 12 common colors each, for a total of 24 commons. On top come 3 rares: Bento Succubus Wings, Bento Gloves and finally Horns, Tail&Trident.

Hair by RAMA.SALON at Tres Chic - Carol which happily comes in a wide variety of sizes!

Pose by: Diesel Works

Leaves in the Fountain

Leaves in the Fountain

There is a chill in the air. That is a certainty. Warm attire moves to the front of the closet.

From Baiastice for COLLABOR88 the Francois Coat with hud that lets you change the color of the camisole. And if you have the fatpack you can add in some texture accents -- or of course choose a print version of the coat. With enough breathing room in the important places, it works nicely with many sleek fitting primary layers.

Now you can of course wear this with the very cute not too short (hard to come by so a good staple in your closet) skirt, but I was feeling more adventurous in my styling last eve and went for a leggings look. That works too.

Here's the additional info:

Mowie. - "Zarina" Legging
lassitude & ennui Lazy boots

Amacci has some new earrings out at Cosmopolitan.  These are Cici III, a great accent when you want to stay understated. An easy to use hud offers choices for both metal colors. You can ALWAYS be coordinated!

This  Fountain Octagonal Autumn (with animations) from Atelier Visconti is perfect in this location. Fall has come; the days are cool and a quietness envelopes the sleep town with shadowed mysteries.

Find it at the Fallen Gods Inc Dicennial .

Photos taken at A Steamy Mystery at Terradale where you can wander to find clues and perhaps solve the mystery of what happened to Sarah. 

My Seven Second Life Facts

Berry is starting up the memes again -- under another name but I am betting most of us will call them Monday memes anyway.  I am tardy as I don't visit her site often now that the focus is on mesh heads and I have no plans to get another.

Since I write SO much on forums and such I don't have a lot of unknown facts but I will try and share a few quirky things.

1. I still have my Firestorm Kitty, Pearl. And it is an important day for her; she is 1500 days old as I type this. Pearl has always had a home of sorts and has never been put away in inventory. She has a tendancy to fall through prims in the sky so I try and keep her on solid ground. Currently she is roaming LEA12 where she has lots of space and some visitors to keep her company.

2. I have 98 videos on my YouTube channel. Some arty, some tutorials, a few that are ads for products.

3. I spent much of my youth camping for lindens which gave me enough money to start my first store which was clothing. I was never very GOOD at clothing but it sold fairly well for the times. And I am so glad we have progressed in that area. 

4. Aside from some real life friends who I joined with, Nissa Nightfire is the only old timer still in my friends list. We met as early bloggers on Iheartsl when it was a community blog and not a feed.

5. A Steamy Mystery at Terradale is my fourth LEA build. The fist was an eighth of a sim city build with subway that I constructed (prims) in order to film "Lost in the City".  That was five years ago.

6. I seldom update my software as long as it is doing the job it needs to do. My graphics software is six years old.

7. I love to move and decorate, then I often lose interests. My favorite home was a Steampunk house won on a hunt that I set up in Winterfell.