The Jazz Band

The Jazz Band

One of my most unusual and unexpected finds at Home and Garden Expo was The Jazz Band by Artemis Corner.

If you have a spot, this is SO MUCH FUN!   I put mine in Smith's bar up in the city.

The band weighs in at 33 land impact with plenty of details.

Play It Again

My attire hales from Cosmopolitan's new round. The JF Design "Lisa" Mini Dress comes in a variety of colors including some pretty pastels, but I needed to coordinate with the band of course, so I picked red. Maitreya and Belleza fits. Panties are included (whew).

My hair is a brand new release from eXxEsS, espresso and I am guessing it will end up being a favorite among favorites (yes, I have many).

MEVA has another bound to be a favorite release in the Dee Set at Whimsical. It comes in either silver or gold and includes some lovely earrings in the set.

makeup and nails by alaskametro

Poses by: aDORKable


A Natural Abode 1

Shotgun house: a narrow rectangular domestic residence, usually no more than about 12 feet (3.5 m) wide, with rooms arranged one behind the other and doors at each end of the house.

I grew up in a shotgun house, my grandmother's beach abode in a once small town which is now part of a megalopolis. One thing I like about this style of home is the absence of halls. Such a waste of space - halls :D.

The new by Dorian Lazy Dayx Cottage (I am thinking that might really be an "s" instead of an x but hey, I am a precise reporter) is definitely one of the the most well executed builds I have seen in awhile. It is a new release for RFL Home and Garden Expo.

Happily  wider than that 3.5 meter real life average, you will need at least 36 x 15 meters of space for this beauty. Two big rooms at each end with outdoor porches and a side entry stairs make up the main area of the home. A small room with its own "tip out" area is perhaps meant to be a bathroom, but could also become a nursery, a sewing room, a library -- the choice is yours.

Interior walls are cheery pastels but you can tint to accommodate your preferences.

A Natural Abode 2

My summery dress hales from O V H at Tres Chic. The Gisela Dress comes in various mini hud packs and in fits for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink as well as legacy fitted mesh.

AND -- there is a version of this dress in fun white and gold stripe as a gift, so don't miss picking that up. This is a perfect dress for our warm months to come.

Also at Tres Chic, this =DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair "Maree", a casual and feminine style.

My top pose with cute little squirrel is from Luane's World as a Tres Chic birthday gift.

A specialty item that you might miss -- after all it is small and notw abode sized -- is the animated fern from The Mesh Cloud on Hope 2. A hud let's you control wind movement.

This is a RFL donation item so easy to find.

Poses by: Luane's World and Helamiyo



Still working hard, new releases abound from 22769 -- both at popular venues and at the shop.

These are a two of my favorites, both from sets.

The 22769 - Colonial Lounge Bench comes with white -- easy to tint -- fabric. A couple of clicks and this beautifully textured seating area echoed the dark shades of my styling. Find it at the main store as part of The Challenge for Builders. Singles and couples animations are available.

A big collection of realistic plants and planters await you at The Liaison Collaborative. My favorite is the hanging plant on the stand -- which happily coordinates woodwise with the lounge bench.

You have until Saturday evening to zip over to Cosmopolitan where you can purchase this form fitting club dress from Kaithleen's.  The Metal Lined Mini Dress fits Belleza, Maitreya and Slink. Colors abound, including a choice of metals.

The cute little bow garter is a gift from .::Supernatural::. at Tres Chic where you can pick up lots of lovely gifts in celebration of the second birthday.  The Shelby Garter comes in both silver and gold metal styles.

If mid-lengths hairs are in short supply in your inventory (and they are in mine) then you will definitely want to try out this new hair from Vanity Hair at Tres Chic.  Lots of pretty colors of course.

Another Tres Chic present that I love is this back tattoo from Nanikia!   Sometimes "simple" can be "smashing"!

Poses by: Eternal Dream and Beehive

Sway's Garden and FLF

Out at Sway's for Fifty Linden Friday -- Dragonfly birdbaths (both light and dark stone - five land impact) and a big set of mossy steppingstones.

The stones include six presets - five stones arranged differently and five different stones separately. The presets include semi circle, line, S, corner, L and random.
All stones come in both  light and heavy moss.

Over at Whimsical, you can find fantasy steppers in many shapes. These are some of my favorites.

Third Story View

Third Story View

The 22769 fellows have been majorly busy of late with one of their creations, a three story Destination Hamburg building and optional bridge along with some furniture accessories. The 6th Republic event closes on the 20th (sorry, I just got this :D) so hurry on over or check the main store later in the month.

From their Flickr preview photo:

The Speicherstadt Hamburg. Since 2015 this part is protected as world culture heritage. Until today most parst of the storage buildings -called kaispeicher- are used by coffee manufakturers.
Inside there are plenty of  windows for lovely shadow patterns. Outside it is BIG :D.

My outfit of the day includes an eye-catching gown from United Colors at Tres Chic, the Alison dress. Ten color choice and the top and skirt and straps can be differing hues -- or invisible.

This finely executed tattoo is from .::Nanika::. at Tres Chic.  Elena comes in both white and black with three choices of denseness. If you have a coorisponding mesh head, the tattoo moves up the neck. My Lelutka head is an older model so I added a choker and that works too. Major bodies and Omega appliers come in the pack as well as a legacy tattoo layer.


TUKINOWAGUMA Ozuma, a very pretty updo with drapped tendrils. Also at Tres Chic. 

The Mosquito's Way - Lorena heels are definitely multipurpose. Just heels, just chains or the duo in  sixteen colors, five metals and eight parts.  You could "design your style" for hours.  You know the answer here -- Tres Chic.

fame femme: Milana Chocker - Black - Gold

Poses by: Di's Opera and LAP [nla]

Denim and Silver

Are you ready for some hot summer nights?  I am!

Some new releases can keep you cool while showing off your curves.

From alaskametro at Applique, a one-of-a-kind monthly event dedicated to high-quality mesh body appliers  such as skins, make-up, clothing, lingerie -- the Norma shirt which comes with scoop or V necks, full or three-quarter sleeves. Applier for Omega, Slink and Maitreya as well as system layers for legacy avatars.

From MYNX,  a big set of super short and sassy jean skirts in both plain and prints. These are great for showing off shapely legs!

Now this gal is simply dangerous.

Gin is the name of the newest hair from eXxEsS. Messy and sophisticated, I am guessing this lady gets EXACTLY what she wants.

Completing that bad girl in the city styling we have Absolut Vendetta's  Juno Bento Rings. Vista, Slink and Maitreya fits are included and there is an easy to use hud for changing both metals and gems. Rings can become invisible with a touch. Left and right hands, of course!

Find these beauties at Cosmopolitan through Saturday eve.

Bliensen + MaiTai - Wondertree - necklace black/silver
makeup by alaskametro

Poses by: EverGlow

H and G EXPO - My Picks 1

One of the best parts of being involved in Expo (opens the 19th), besides the camaraderie, is watching the sims come to life -- and beating the inevitable lag :D.

Out and about today, I found some very exciting new items. Some will have their own posts in the upcoming days, but since I am indeed an eclectic gal, I am starting off with some items that caught my eye.

All are beautifully made with lovely textures and careful detailing -- cause I am a picky gal; you know that. There are tons of wonderful items at Expo, both large and small, so there is no reason that MY favorites will be YOUR favorites. That's the fun of exploring.

The lead photo features a set from LORE with many lovingly textured specialty items. Yes, it is a magical or magikal place -- take your pick.

The two RFL donation items for LORE are this gorgeous sundial and the charming bird feeder.

It almost is a picture postcard.

The lovely ready-made garden with singles, couples and sequence animations if from .:Tm:. Creation.  Only 12 land impact it could fit easily into many garden settings.  Look for the Daydream Pg Garden.

Now I realize that shipping crates might not be on many people's gottahave lists, but I LOVE them. Not only are they beautifully made and textured, they come with texture and UV layouts so that you can add your own info should you so wish.

Find them at Needful Prims

Red Lace and Satin

Collage in Red

I have been in a red mood of late and once again it takes center stage.

It all started with the beautifully made wrap skirt from ~Nerido~.  The Nika Skirt comes with it's own string bikini and should you be a brave gal, you will be set for the beach or the bedroom.

While I venture into courageous territory now and then, there was still that "safe for work" territory and so I ventured deep into my virtual closet, rummaging and tossing. I remembered a very pretty texture applier bodysuit from Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and you guessed it -- red.

The skirt and coordinating string bikini fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink bodies and comes in many lovely colors. Find it at Cosmopolitan.

Other newness in my collage includes:

.::Supernatural::. @ Cosmopolitan - Alba Necklace and earrings available in Black Copper Gold and Silver

Newchurch Double Happiness Wedding Decor (part of a big wedding set including arbor, chairs and tea service (all auspiciously red). Find it at On9.

One more shot playing with animations on my building pad.

And here is an addendum.  You can find the matching TOPS to the skirt and bikini at Tres Chic (opens today).

THAT was a nice surprise.

Ducknipple Hair: Alice

Poses by: Eternal Dream and Di's Opera

Spanning Genres

Spanning Genres

Over at H&G Expo 2017 (opens May 19th) it is easy to span decades -- well even centuries. Asian houses mix with barns, Egyptian monoliths neighbor vast landscaped areas; mingling abounds.

The by Dorian Summer House is a RFL donation item; find it on Hope 4.

Romantic and well-made it fits perfectly among flowers from FelixvonKotwitz. I will be checking out those three sims soon. That is one of the great things about Expo and events in general; not only can you shop the offerings, you can shop the decorations. Creators often times have EXCELLENT taste (and why shouldn't we). So if you spot something you love, just right click and INSPECT. Follow the breadcrumbs and discover new places.

My outfit is the Roawenwood Tavern Mistress Gown (yes, really -- clothes! :D). Various dark shades are available via hud. Find it at WLRP.

Also at WLRP, some very pretty Bento Rings with the ability to change stone colors and turn off some rings if you don't want to see them all (I have index finger ring off in this shot). Right and left hands in silver and gold for Maitreya.

I bet you know where to look for these; the MEVA booth.

Poses by: Di's Opera

Dreams and Wishes

Dreams and Wishes

What do you wish for?

If it is a wedding, On9 has you covered in the May round.  Casual Garden, Red Lacquer Asian, or Romantic White -- you choose.

From Aphrodite, the "Romantic Wedding" Set which is highly detailed, extensive and not for those on prim budget. Still, it is YOUR day!  This is one tiny part, the guest table with place settings.

If your tastes are for a smaller event, then use parts of the set as I have paired with the DJ / SF Romantic Tent (see even the product names go together *wink*) from Decor Junction and Shutter Field.

My very lovely dress is from [Aleutia] and features color change for dress, skirt and trim. Many, many hues are included so dressing any bridesmaids is a snap. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits, also at On9.

Hair: NO_DREAM by no.match (previous release)
Trees by Trompe Loeil

Pose by: Lauria [nla]

RFL and Other Adventures

Along with warmer weather comes Relay For Life season. After much fun at Fantasy Faire, I have been setting up at the Home and Garden Expo. While I am not an official blogger there, you will certainly be seeing some bits and pieces in the coming weeks.

This morning I was out exploring the nine sims, seeing what appeared overnight -- always fun in my book. I found this lovely glade which actually isn't a product for sale, but a decor piece on a large parcel. It was, however a perfect backdrop for my post.

Many bits and pieces come together for this post, so here are the details.

Helamiyo has two RFL donation pose sets out at the store -- Movement and See My Hands. These are five pose set with mirrors.

My super cute top and skirt (can be worn separately) hale from Scandalize Originals at Cosmopolitan. Look for the Ramer set which comes with color change hud for various pieces and fits Belleza, Slink and Maitreya.

Also at Cosmopolitan, :::ChicChica::: Carmilla heels. Great for summer styles, they come in several colors with nice sturdy heels for easy walking -- woot!

I REALLY like this new hair out from ICONIC. Morgan has that old time movie star classic look with an updated flare -- definitely a head turner.  Find it at On9.

And if you are in the MEVA group, you can pick up these new Bento rings (daisy and fly) at the entrance to the shop.

Poses by: Helamiyo for RFL

H and G

Home and Garden May

There are some extraordinary new releases this month in the Home and Garden area. Here are a couple of my favorites.

The Trompe Loeil  Sidra Cliffside Cottage features two rooms with connecting patio, lots of deck space and the ability to work on hilly land or in water environments. The panels are touch to color change; I chose blue, but you might opt for another hue OR multi-color. The choice is yours.  This is a 1024 sized build and weighs in at 92 land impact. The textures are truly amazing!

Find it at COLLABOR88.

If you have been paying attention, you know that Winter Thorn of {what next} has been on a plants kick of late. That makes me VERY HAPPY. This, in theory, is the end of the road for that escapade -- but I am hoping not forever.

These new releases follow the style of their predecessors with texture change pots with the cactus bowl my favorite. So lovely.Some wire planter bases for foliage staging are also in the release.  

These too can be found at COLLABOR88.

You can probably get in there soon! One can hope *wink*.

Gypsy in Me

Gypsy in Me

From !dM deviousMind @ The Gacha Garden, the Talaitha release.

The set is packed full of options including hairs and jewelry. A bit from the notecard:

Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random color, "Talaitha" consists of 2 sets [set A: top & panties set, set B: silk skirt with pasties & ornaments] in 6 common colors each, for a total of 12 commons. On top come 3 unique rares: the gypsy's hair, with rich ornaments and bead strings running over the shoulders, the druid's hair with impressive horns head crown, and a gypsy jewelry set. The rares come with color menu for all 6 common colors to complete the look. The two hair rares come as well with a tinting hud so you can achieve your most ideal hair color. :)
I am wearing pieces from the Black Ruby set along with garters and jewelry. These are for Lara and Hourglass mesh bodies.

With such a varied collection, I suspect that most folks will have their favorites to try for. Trading should be good!  These are my personal picks.

Trompe Loeil - Tiena Caravan Earthen
Trompe Loeil - Brier Trees
ChiC buidilngs Walkable Hills (mesh)
ChiC buildings Rock and Grasses

Hair by DeLa, Cheri

Poses by: Di's Opera available at Cosmopolitan - the Graceful Sets



Dare to be daring.

Vanity Hair: Small Talk, a sleek bob with plenty of attitude. Find it at The Crossroads.

United Colors: Viper dress with color change panels and on-off materials by hud. Side panel options for the not so daring gals. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits at Cosmopolitan.

Kunglers: Rebecca bracelet in Obsidian with other gemstones available at The Crossroads.

Reese Henley Shirt by Cold Ash at The Mens Department.

Pose by: ChiC buildings from the bistro set coming soon


Polarize 1

Some spectacular releases await you! Here's the lowdown.

From anxiety at Cosmopolitan, a super fun and very dramatic photo shoot backdrop especially made for those of us that like light and shadow, glow and reflections. And if you also like red? Well that's a plus too.

It comes with a long hall, stairs and doorway as well as single wall and floor pieces to build your own set.

This is the setup I used for my pictures including the high contrast Windlight. I added a single wall at the end to make a closed environment.

I do have one caveat. This very impressive and well priced item IS a little tricky to move around in -- that narrowness. Good camera skills will be called for. On the plus side, for those that cringe when they see the camera control overlay can use the single walls and floor and make a more roomy set up.  Personally I loved the narrow hall!

Polarize 2

My saucy and beautifully made outfit hales from JF Designs, also at Cosmopolitan. There are plenty of lovely colors to choose from and the top (sold separately from the skirt) comes in two variations. Sisley comes for both Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies.

On the other side of town at The Crossroads you can find this beautiful ring (Bento and non-Bento versions) from Kunglers. The Rebecca Set also includes bracelets which I am sure will appear in another post as they are lovely.  Various colors of course.

My feminine and not too fussy (cause we really don't like fussy) ponytail is a new hair release from TUKINOWAGUMA called Vico. Find in with many colors huds to choose from at On9.

And what is a gorgeous red dress without appropriately striking shoes. These numbers are from Baiastice at COLLABOR88.   While you are there, be sure and check out the summery floor length dress, perfect for warm late night get-togethers.

Poses by: Pose It from the Bridal Portrait set at On9

Whispering Sands

Spectacular outfits awaits you at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival,   “Lailaa”  Dancer Silks  by !dM deviousMind.

The rare version in this video has a slightly tricky (Right click and choose "touch") hud. Yep, I skimmed over that in the notecard busily reading all the other info :D.  From there you get a menu that let's you change color options (five choices), metal, and the transparency of the silk. The common designs have the same style menu for transparency and metal options.

There is a total of 18 sets that can be collected consisting of 15 commons and 3 rares.  Lara and Hourglass fits.

This is my kind of gacha; it is easy to see why. This is one of the commons!  :D.

Go forth, win great things!

Fountain with singles and couples pose available in dark and light versions available at ChiC buildings.

Posed by: aDORKable

FaMESHed 5th Birthday Gift Preview

FaMESHed Birthday Gift Roundup

It's the big 5th birthday over at FaMESHed.  Lots of you know that; many have been stalking the teleport button for days.

Sami was the first of our cadre to make it over; whether her premium status helped, I know not. That may still be a planned perk for the future; she might just be lucky.

Reports are that yes it was laggy but textures loaded pretty fast. She took off everything but her head (so she wouldn't lose herself and her direction) and turned jellydolls up as high (or low depending on your point of view) as she could and that helped a lot. Many of the other 39 avatars seemed to be hanging out at the entry point but she walked to each of the four

The items for sale were exceptionally nice with most creators giving out a FaMESHed group gift (free enrollment).  Here are just a few of the many, many presents available at the event. You will want to pick them all up. These are a mixture of her favorites and mine ^^.

In the top photo:

[RH] Design house  Japanese Summer House Bamboo Wall (three piece, low land impact, excellent LODs and lovely textures - a Chic Pick :D

22769 - Hay Bale with blanket with couples sits (some are good as singles). A separate bale sans blanket is in the pack.
Sami's pick in part because it pairs so nicely with the  ...

JIAN Egg Basket  (we BOTH loved this LOL)

.:revival:. bucket of tulips is one of my favorite flower groupings of the season

Trompe Loeil's - Geonna Hanging Lantern has touch on off and would fit well in any rustic setting

In the personal attire area we have:

United Colors Sima dress sherbet which comes in Maitreya Slink and Belleza fits.  As always from this brand, a perfect fit as well as perfectly fitting for Sami (much love there)

.Entwined. Piper hair with a big selection of color huds

REIGN.- Tied Pouch with a big color hud (resizable with hold)

As always, Essenz puts out a lovely gift, this is Germany (Gray)  Maitreya, Belleza and Slink rigged

If your jewelry box could use some replenishing, you are in luck.  Jewelry abounds. This is the [Z O O M] Lotus Choker with many options for color via hud. Sami's pick!

Rounding out our jewelry picks we have:

Empyrean Forge's EF Papillon Ring  with color change hud and a close up of the clutch :D.

Baiastice's Leaf Choker in Copper (Silver and Gold are also in the pack)

Eudora 3D Eos Earrings

There are some gorgeous H and G gifts at the birthday bash. These are my personal picks.

MudHoney Layla Lattice Art

Fancy Decor: Pine

SAYO - Happy Birthday Fameshed! - Peplum Floor Pillow

Cube Republic Tatami Mat and CR Juniper Bonsai Tree Root Over Rock

Thistle Book Stack with Photos - 2017 FaMESHed Gift (cm)

That is our BRIEF look at some of the wonderful gifts at FaMESHed.

I think this was a two people three hour post so it will likely stick here for awhile (whew).

Poses by: Torridwear [nla]